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New in Mobilize: Profile Charting for Single-Point Sensors

New in Mobilize: Profile Charting for Single-Point Sensors

Davis's Mobilize app has become the "right hand man" of thousands of growers. It uses the data from your Davis weather station and/or sensors installed in your EnviroMonitor system to provide easy-to-access, always-current reports on irrigation, frost, growing degree days, chilling units, and pest risk.

If you aren't already using Mobilize, you can learn more about it here.

Because soil moisture is so crucial, especially this time of year, we’ve made some improvements to the Mobilize irrigation report.

To help you quickly access your irrigation effectiveness, Mobilize will create charts for total and average soil moisture using data from the sensors you select. By choosing 1 week, 1 month or 3 months, you can change the time line for the sum and average information that appears in the header. This also changes the date range on the chart's x-axis.

Many growers use multi-point soil moisture sensors, while others use several single-depth sensors to provide the same type of data profile.  We've made it so that you can see your single-point sensor data as if the data was from a multi-depth sensor. You can combine up to four single-point soil moisture sensors installed on a single Node into one “virtual” multi-depth sensor. Those sensors will appear in the report as if they were one multi-depth sensor on the total soil moisture chart. On the custom chart, you can choose to include up to three of your single-depth sensors.

You can now also include the depth as part of the sensor's label when you set up the sensor in the EnviroMonitor app so that you know which is which. (You can edit sensor labels you’ve already set up in the EnviroMonitor app as well to add their depth.)

It's easy to set up your "virtual" multi-depth soil moisture sensor. 

Now the Mobilize irrigation report and charting capabilities will make your data-driven decisions even easier.


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