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EnviroMonitor System Gives You the Sensor Flexibility You Need

EnviroMonitor System Gives You the Sensor Flexibility You Need

We built EnviroMonitor for farmers

EnviroMonitor lets farmers make data-driven decisions that lead to increased yield, reduced costs, and fewer headaches. The system brings data from your weather station and sensors installed in your fields automatically to your phone or computer via a mesh network and a Gateway. The Gateway uploads the data either by cellular connectivity or via Wi-Fi. That's the short story of EnviroMonitor. But EnviroMonitor is so much more than just a smart ag solution. 


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 One of its key advantages over similar systems is the ability to customize with just about any sensor you want to put out in your field, whether Davis makes it or not.

Being in the smart ag business, we have learned a few things about farmers. We’ve learned that the first question asked on the Farmer Job Application might be this: “Do you have good sense or do you like to complicate things?” The second might be: “Do you want a system just like the farm down the road, or do you prefer flexibility in your sensor choices?”

We know you are not, nor do you want to be, technical whiz kids. We know you do not have spare hours in the day to fiddle with installations or fine tune systems. We know most of you are not psychic, even when you do seem to have an uncanny sense of future conditions, and while you know your farm’s weather inside and out, you are no meteorologist. You know your way around a toolbox, but are partial to things that work right out of the box.

Designed to be both smart and simple

That is why we designed EnviroMonitor to be simple to install and to give you clear, intuitive, and easy-to-access data. We know you make decisions every day and our goal is to give you the information you need to drive those decisions.

Flexibility is key

And most of all, we’ve made the system flexible. Your farm is like your fingerprint: no other farm on this planet is exactly like yours. Your soil may be as sandy as the next farm; your peaches may be the same variety as those in the orchard a few miles away, but no one but you grow these peaches in this soil. Only you and your team really knows what data you need, from what location in your orchard or field.

Huge list of supported sensors, both Davis Instruments and third-party

That leads to one of the best features of the EnviroMonitor system and one we are proud to offer: we support not just Davis sensors, but a huge list of third-part sensors. Our goal was to design EnviroMonitor Nodes so they would support whatever sensor you choose to use, whether it is ours or not. We just keep growing the list of supported sensors in response to what farmers tell us they want.

The list of sensors compatible with EnviroMonitor currently includes almost 200 different sensors including:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Depth & level
  • Flow meters
  • Integrated sensor suite weather stations
  • Leaf wetness
  • PAR
  • Pressure sensors and pressure switches
  • Rain
  • Soil moisture
  • Solar radiation
  • Temperature and temperature/humidity
  • Water quality
  • Weight
  • Wind

It includes sensors from manufacturers you know and trust including Davis Instruments, Atlas Scientific, Sentek, Decagon/Meter, Dwyer, Nason, Aquacheck, Campbell Scientific, Irrometer, John Deere, EnviroPro, Delta-T, and more. You can see the entire list of currently compatible sensors here.

The list of sensors supported by EnviroMonitor is never “done.” We add sensors frequently, so the list is constantly growing. If you want to use a sensor with the EnviroMonitor system and that sensor is not currently on the list, just let us know so our engineers can work on adding support for it.

EnviroMonitor does what YOU want it to do

 EnviroMonitor is also designed to grow and expand with your farm. You can start with a Gateway receiving data from a weather station and just one Node with one sensor installed. Then add sensors, up to four per Node including different sensor types from different manufacturers, or more Nodes sending data to the Gateway.

We've made it easy to get started with EnviroMonitor Starter Bundles. Just choose the best Gateway communication for your farm.

If you are considering installing or expanding an EnviroMonitor system, but want it to do what you want it to, without a lot of fussing and fiddling, you are our kind of farmer. (And yes, we know there are no other kinds!)

Learn more about EnviroMonitor here. Want help configuring an EnviroMonitor system perfect for your application? Click here to get a free consultation from one of our ag specialists.

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