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ClimateMinder Users Can Easily Convert to EnviroMonitor

ClimateMinder Users Can Easily Convert to EnviroMonitor

Do you use ClimateMinder? If so, you are aware that the ClimateMinder platform will no longer be supported when AT&T shuts down their 3G network. We can only imagine how frustrating this news is since you’ve invested in your system and come to rely on field data to make key decisions.

Happily, we have a solution.

Converting to EnviroMonitor, the smart, easy-to-use, field monitoring platform, is a simple solution to leverage existing system components and continue to get the data you need.

As a ClimateMinder user, you have installed some Davis sensors (rain collectors, anemometers for wind speed and direction, and temperature/humidity sensors) on your farm. You can easily convert your ClimateMinder data collection devices to EnviroMonitor components and incorporate your existing sensors. Upgrading is simple: replace the ClimateMinder Gateway with an EnviroMonitor Gateway (Cellular or Wi-Fi), add EnviroMonitor Nodes to any existing locations of additional sensors and continue to leverage the data you need on your phone, using the Mobilize app, or online on

Why EnviroMonitor?

Custom reports for data-driven decisions.

  • Irrigation Management
  • Frost Tracking
  • Crop Management
  • Weather Monitoring
  • IPM

Cost savings.

  • Save on your Gateway service plan
  • Additional savings with no Node service fees
  • Utilize your existing Davis and third-party sensors


  • Easily expand your network of sensors by adding Nodes where needed
  • Add up to 4 sensors per Node
  • Solar-powered Gateway (cellular) and Nodes (with battery back-up)
  • Leverage Evapotranspiration (ET) data with a Vantage Pro2 GroWeather station including solar radiation

EnviroMonitor Bundles Make it Easy

We’ve created bundles to make getting started easy. Save 10% when you buy any of these bundles.


Contact us for a free consultation on updating your ClimateMinder system and to learn more about EnviroMonitor: call 1 (800) 678-3669 or via email:

Davis Instruments, and AEM brand

In the face of escalating environmental risks, AEM is the essential source for insights on weather, climate, lightning, floods, wildfires, water management, and more.

Learn more about AEM and all of our solutions here.

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