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What is the Mobilize App?

What is the Mobilize App?



If anyone needs to know what the weather is like outside his door, it’s a grower. Of all the factors that make or break a crop’s success, weather is the one that drives them all.

For growers using Davis weather stations, we have developed Mobilize, an app that takes them from raw data to information that they can use to use to make critical decisions. While the WeatherLink mobile app provides a great deal of useful information for anyone growing anything, Mobilize is an additional tool for serious growers who’s goal is to increase yield, decrease cost, and protect resources and the environment.

Blog_Mobilize_022020_2Mobilize is unique in its flexibility. It allows growers to set up “field views” for specific crops or areas. A grower who raises strawberries in an open field, lettuce in a greenhouse, and almonds in an orchard needs specific and different information for each of these.

With data from a Davis weather station and/or sensors installed in an EnviroMonitor system, Mobilize provides easy-to-see, useful reports on irrigation, frost, growing degree days (GDD), and chilling units. Mobilize, with a Pro+ subscription, also includes our powerful Integrated Pest Management, which provides timely reports on the risk of pest damage so that growers can take steps before their crops are harmed. (See a list of all the IPM supported pest models here.) hey set alarms so that a glance at their phone is enough to inform them that attention is needed. Growers set thresholds specific to their crop and their location so the reports provide powerful information when it is needed to allow the grower to take action to prevent or mitigate damage. This huge amount of information is available to the grower and their team anywhere, anytime, just by glancing at their smartphone.

Mobilize is not just for growers with acres of fields. Anyone who is serious about growing -- whether it’s a few rows of tomatoes and zucchinis, a greenhouse full of flowers, or a few acres of Pinot Noir grapes – knowing what’s going on out there is the key to success.

Download Mobilize Today:

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