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What's New?

What's New?

Introducing the EnviroMonitor IP Gateway

blog_feature_022020_4The EnviroMonitor system is a simple and cost-effective way for growers to get critical field data continuously transmitted from their field to their smartphones. Growers install Growers install an EnviroMonitor IP Gateway and connect it to Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet, then install a network of EnviroMonitor Nodes connected to Davis or 3rd-party sensors in the field.. The Nodes send the data via radio to each other, creating a self-optimizing mesh, and a Gateway. The Gateway then sends the data to the cloud, where the growers and their teams can access it 24/7 on and our ag-focused mobile app, Mobilize.

Our original Gateway sends data via cellular connection, and can only be used with cabled Vantage Pro2 sensor suites.

The newest member of the family, the IP Gateway, uses Wi-Fi to upload data to the WeatherLink Cloud. It is a perfect solution for growers who have Wi-Fi available, eliminating the need for cellular connectivity and the costs associated with it. (It comes with an optional Ethernet cable as well.) It can be used with either cabled or wireless sensor suites. The range is fantastic – it can “hear” Nodes that are up to 2,400 feet [750 meters] away, line-of-sight. (And we have ways of extending that range.)

The new Gateway is AC-powered, with battery backup. It can be installed inside or outside in a Universal Shelter.

  • EnviroMonitor IP Gateway (#6805): $595 Learn More
  • Gateway plans start at $132 per month

New Tipping Spoon in all Vantage Pro2 Products

blog_feature_022020_5We’ve upgraded from tipping buckets to tipping spoons in all our Vantage Pro2 rain collectors. The new spoon increases our already-impressive accuracy from ±4% to ±3%.

If you have a Vantage Pro2 with tipping buckets, upgrading from the tipping bucket to the tipping spoon is easy. Watch how easy it is to upgrade to the tipping spoon:

  • 7345.425 - Vantage Pro2 Tipping Spoon Replacement Kit, inch, 19 in (0,5 m) cable: $55 Learn More
  • 7345.147 - Vantage Pro2 Tipping Spoon Replacement Kit, mm, 19 in (0,5 m) cable: $55 Learn More

New Vantage Vue Box

New-VV-BoxAll Vantage Vue stations now come in our redesigned box. We've ditched the gloss and multi-colored ink to bring our packaging more in line with our values of protecting the environment whenever we can. The new design leverages a fun, one-color, graphic approach and is printed on a craft corrugate material that is easily recyclable and is much more eco-friendly. We’re happy to be doing our part to save resources and reduce our impact on Mother Earth.

Davis Instruments, and AEM brand

In the face of escalating environmental risks, AEM is the essential source for insights on weather, climate, lightning, floods, wildfires, water management, and more.

Learn more about AEM and all of our solutions here.

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