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2019 Davis Holiday Gift Guide: What kind of weather-lover is on your list?

2019 Davis Holiday Gift Guide: What kind of weather-lover is on your list?

Do you have a Weather Buff on your holiday gift list? Maybe a Weather Nerd, a Meteophile, or even a Weather Nut? Don’t panic, we gotcha covered! Here’s our top 10 Best Gifts for Weather-Lovers of every stripe.

Product numbers 9999 and 9998: Bundled: $595 & $465 (Priced separately: $692.50 & $537.50); CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL (sneak preview): $535.50 & $418.50


This year we made it super easy to please that Weather Buff. We’ve put everything they need to start seeing data before you get the wrapping paper and ribbons picked up off the floor.

There are two bundles. The first one comes with a complete Vantage Vue weather station – the outdoor sensor suite and the console, along with WeatherLink Live. Your Weather Buff gets the best of both worlds – real-time data on the feature-packed console AND on their smartphone or computer.

The second includes just the Vantage Vue Sensor Suite – no console. If your particular Weather Buff always has a connect device nearby, this bundle might be just right for them! No console – data is accessed on a smartphone, tablet, or on a computer on

Both bundles come with an extra perk: a FREE one-year upgrade to WeatherLink Pro. Your Weather Buff will see not only current data on, but will enjoy the added features of a Pro upgrade, including the ability to store and analyze historical data, to graph data, and to upload data to third-party sites like Weather Underground more frequently.

Sneak preview: Shhhhh! Starting Cyber Monday, 12/2, we'll add on another 10% discount. Bundle with the console will be $535.50, the bundle without a console will be $418.50.

Product number 6100: $250.00


Have you got a Weather Nerd who already has either a Vantage Pro2 or a Vantage Vue weather station? How about adding the ability to upload the data to with WeatherLink Live? It uses Wi-Fi to automatically live stream data to the Cloud platform, where it can be accessed on a smartphone or computer, 24/7.

Product number 6561: $47.50


For the Meteophile who already has a station and a WeatherLink Live or WeatherLink data logger, here’s something they will love: a one-year upgrade to WeatherLink Pro. You’ll get thanked for a full 12 months. Now they’ll be able to store and graph their historical data and upload data to third-party sites like Weather Underground more frequently. Printable gift certificate is also available.

Product number 6462: $35.00


If your Weather Nut adores their Vantage Pro2, they'll love this easy upgrade. Make sure that Vantage Pro2 is rocking the latest and greatest in rain collectors. If the rain cone has straight sides, wrap up a new AeroCone, so your Weather Nut will get even more accurate rain data, especially in high wind/light rain conditions.

Product numbers 7720 (without classic cone):$205.00; 7721 (with classic cone): $240.00


Or, add a rain collector heater to the Vantage Pro2 that spends its winter being snowed upon. The heater melts the snow and reports it as inches of precipitation. (See our story on how much water is in your snow, in this issue.) It runs on AC-power, and fits in the classic, straight-sided cone, so if your Weather Nut’s station has a curvy, hourglass AeroCone rain collector, don’t worry. The kit comes with a classic cone. Removing the AeroCone is easy – just twist it off, and replace it with the heated one. When the snow stops falling, the AeroCone can come back out to catch the first spring rains.

Product number PR702: $15.00


Due to popular demand, we’re releasing a select few of our famous, illusive Davis caps for sale. Let your Weather Buff/Nerd/Nut/Phile rock the Davis name whenever they set foot out the door. (Let them wear it to bed too, if they want. Sometimes we do.)

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