Weather where it matters.

Measure weather where it matters: at your home, business, school, or farm.



Davis has been weathering storms and delivering accurate, hyperlocal environmental data for over three decades.

Global community

Join the hundreds of thousands of Davis station owners around the world with common goals: accuracy, durability, and dependability. Easily share your data on the WeatherLink Network and other data sharing sites.

Know before you go

With a Davis weather station installed at your vacation home, you'll always know what to expect.

Stay safe outdoors

Be prepared for real-time conditions when you venture outside.

Garden to big farm

Whether your garden produces tomatoes, roses, or apples, a Davis weather station takes the guesswork out of watering and protection from frost and pests.

Garden to big farm

Big growers depend on Davis systems for simple, cost-effective, flexible ways to get critical field data continuously transmitted to their mobile devices.

All the data you need

Inside & Outside Temperature
Inside & Outside Humidity
Dew Point
Wind Speed & Direction
Wind Chill & Heat Index
Barometric Pressure
Rainfall & Rain Rate
Historical Graphing
Moon Phase
Solar Radiation*
THSW Index*
* Available with Vantage Pro2 Plus ONLY.

Professional weather comes in two forms.

Vantage Vue

All-in-one weather station

Vantage Pro2

Expandable and configurable

Update intervals as fast as 2.5 seconds
Update intervals as fast as 2.5 seconds

Rain, wind, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure
Rain, wind, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure

Wind speed up to 200 mph
Wind speed up to 200 mph

Radiation shield
Passive radiation shield or 24-hour fan-aspirated radiation shield

Wireless or Cabled

NIST Traceable Calibration (temperature, humidity, and barometer)
NIST Traceable Calibration (temperature, humidity, and barometer)

Solar radiation sensor*

UV sensor*

Up to 7 additional sensor transmitters

Research grade

Separable anemometer for improved siting

Why Davis?

As pioneers in the industry, we know weather. We engineer to withstand the harshest conditions — scorching heat, icy rain, 200 mph winds — day after day, year after year.

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Made by “US”
Our products are designed, assembled, and rigorously tested by the Davis team at our headquarters in Hayward, California.
Our weather stations go through a minimum of 10 tests before shipping. They have been engineered to withstand corrosion, 200 mph (90 m/s) winds, the scorching sun, and extreme temperatures.
Precision & Accuracy
Our products provide scientific-grade precision and accuracy. We have spent decades improving and refining every sensor that we make.
My Vantage Pro2 has been running continuously on Ireland’s south coast, open to the full force of the Atlantic, for 15 years. It even withstood our worst storm, Ophelia, of 50 years.
Cork Harbour Weather
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