Enter to WIN a Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station Bundle!
A Vantage Vue Sensor Suite + Console + WeatherLink Live
Vantage Vue Sensor Suite
WeatherLink Live
Vantage Vue Sensor Suite
WeatherLink Live
Enter for a chance to win a Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station bundle (6120): a $595 retail value. This promotion is offered exclusively by Davis Instruments. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 years or older to enter. One entry per valid email address. All entries must be received by December 12, 2019. All entrants will be added to the Davis WeatherInsider newsletter email list. One randomly selected winner will be chosen on December 13, 2019. Davis will notify the winner via email. Winner must be a resident of the the USA. The prize will be shipped to winner free of charge.

Features at a Glance

Inside & Outside Temperature

Inside & Outside Humidity

Dew Point

Wind Speed & Direction

Wind Chill & Heat Index

Barometric Pressure

Rainfall & Rain Rate

Historical Graphing


Moon Phase


Rated for up to 200 mph

See wind gusts in real-time with 2.5 second updates.

Rain Collector

0.01” resolution

Know how much, when, and how fast the rain falls at your home or business.

Temperature Sensor with Radiation Shield

Range from -40°F to +150°F

It's never too cold or too hot outside for this sensor suite. Get info on temperature measured with 1°F accuracy and delivered to you every 10 seconds.

Run on Sun Power with

Solar Panel

The solar panel energizes the station during the day and an onboard supercapacitor provides power at night. (There’s even a back-up lithium battery that activates when needed.)

Go Wi-Fi with Your Weather
Connect to the WeatherLink Cloud
Getting your Davis weather station and sensor data to the web has never been easier. Use the free WeatherLink website and mobile app to view, share and analyze your data.
Industry-leading transmission distance of 1,000 ft.
Dependably receive data on Davis’s industry-leading, proprietary, frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum radio technology.
3 sensors integrated
Measure barometric pressure, inside temperature and humidity.
Wi-Fi and Ethernet
WeatherLink Live comes with a 5 ft. ethernet cable and a 6.5 ft. power cable.
Welcome to the smart home
Connect your data to smart irrigation systems or other IoT smart home devices.

Expand your network of sensors beyond your Vantage Vue
Configure a custom network of over 80 sensors (including leaf wetness sensor, soil moisture, soil temperature) on 8 transmitters so you can see data from sensors in the garden, by the pool, out in the garage, and down in the wine cellar – all with one WeatherLink Live.
Learn more about all the Sensors and Transmitters
Watch the WeatherLink Live walkthrough from box to setup
Access Your Data
Anywhere at Any Time


Customized Alerts

A powerful tool that will help you battle frost, heat, and strong winds. You’ll get the information you need, when you need it.

Historical Data*

Access, visualize and analyze historical data to identify trends and perfect your planting calendar.


Understand changes in the weather conditions and how they affect your garden, home, and business. Compare several parameters on one graph to see how they interact.

*WeatherLink.coms’ Pro Feature Set is needed for this feature.

WeatherLink Mobile


Easily access current conditions on the animated home screen along with your seven-day and hourly forecasts.

Compare & Share

Compare weather data from multiple stations, and share your data with others.


Wireless Transmission

Up to 1,000 ft.

The station sends data to the main console using reliable spread-spectrum, frequency-hopping radio transmission. Because the console can retransmit, you can add another 1000 feet by adding an additional console.

Real-Time Data

Updates every 2.5 sec

With updates this fast (10x faster than most of the competition) you’ll always be in the know.

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