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What Is A Boat Stabilizer?

A boat stabilizer is a device or system designed to reduce the rolling or rocking motion of a boat caused by waves, currents, or wind. Its purpose is to enhance the stability and comfort of the vessel, particularly in rough or choppy water conditions. Stabilizer types may vary depending on boat size (from large cruise and cargo ships to small 20-foot personal boats), intended use (for use while boat is stationary or moving), and cost (gyroscope stabilizers that cost $10,000 to $350,000 or inexpensive Rocker Stoppers that cost $20 per unit.) 

Stabilizer types include: 

  • Fin Stabilizers that are retractable or fixed fins that extend from the hull or the sides of the boat. 
  • Gyroscopic Stabilizers that use spinning flywheels or gyros to generate a stabilizing force. 
  • Inexpensive hydrodynamic devices that hang from each side of a stationary boat, such as Rocker Stopper, that dampen the effects of waves. 
  • Trim Tabs that are small adjustable surfaces located on the transom or bottom of the boat. They can be manually or automatically adjusted. 
  • Interceptors that are adjustable plates or foils located on the hull of the boat. They can be adjusted to modify the water flow and provide stabilization by creating lift or drag forces. 

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