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Staying connected to your weather conditions is critical. Davis offers a wide array of data collection options to keep the data coming. No matter if it's from your backyard, the back forty or the back woods, we've got you covered.

  • WeatherLink Live
  • Vantage Connect
  • EnviroMonitor Gateway/IP Gateway
  • WeatherLink USB/Serial

WeatherLink Live

Go Wi-Fi with your weather. Getting your weather data to the web has never been easier: view real-time data on the WeatherLink app and chart historical trends on

Wi-Fi to WeatherLink Send data directly to the Cloud
Data See weather as it happens on mobile
Effortless Setup Simple setup with the WeatherLink app
Custom Sensor Network Connect 8 sensor filled transmitters
Long-range Wireless Industry leading radio transmission
Smart Home Connect Alexa, Google Home and more

Vantage Connect

Single-point cellular solution. Perfect for collecting weather and sensor data in remote locations.

1 Weather Station Use with Vantage Vue or Vantage Pro2 station
8 Wireless Transmitters Use with Davis sensors
1,000 ft.
(300 m) Transmission distance

EnviroMonitor Gateways

Create an expandable sensor network. Choose a cellular or IP Gateway to collect data from a weather station and Nodes with a wide variety of Davis Instruments and leading third-party sensors. Data is pushed to cloud via cellular or wi-fi connection.

1 Weather Station Use with GroWeather or Vantage Pro2 station
Up to
32 Nodes Davis + 100s of 3rd party sensors
10,000 ft.
(3,000 m) Transmission distance with 8dBi Long Range Antennas (#7678)

WeatherLink Data Logger

The USB and Serial Data Loggers connect the console to a computer running WeatherLink Computer Software. Upload data to the WeatherLink Cloud with a 24/7-on, internet-connected computer.

Vantage Pro2 or
Vantage Vue Console Compatible with both consoles
Software Free software download
Log and
Store Store historical data on your computer

Use the data collection device
that's right for you

EnviroMonitor IP Gateway
Data transmission Wi-Fi/Enternet Wi-Fi/Enternet Cellular Cellular USB Serial
Sensor suite capability Wireless Wireless or cabled Cabled Wireless or cabled - -
Davis sensor capatible
3rd-party sensor capatible - - - -
Maximum number of Davis transmitting devices 8 25 25 8 - -
Transmission range 1,000 ft. 4,000 ft. 4,000 ft. 1,000 ft. - -
Typical installation location* Indoor Indoor Outdoor Outdoor Indoor Indoor
Power source AC/battery back-up AC/battery back-up Solar/battery back-up Solar/battery back-up AC/battery via Console/Envoy AC/battery via Console/Envoy
Storage capacity** 180 days 180 days 180 days 26 days 26 days 26 days
Annual service plan required No Yes Yes Yes No No
Console or Envoy required No No No No Yes Yes
Price $250 $595 $895 $895 $175 $175
Learn more Learn more Learn more Learn more Learn more Learn more

*Data loggers noted as indoor can be installed in a Solar Power Kit for use outdoors.

**Based on data from one Sensor Suite at a 15-minute archive interval.

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