ConsoleLink (7617)

The ConsoleLink transmits weather data from your host weather station to other DavisTalk compatible consoles and receivers. This allows you to send weather data to one or more locations without using any wires.

The ConsoleLink connects to the Weather Monitor II and Weather Wizard II & III.

Wireless Repeater Manual (7624, 7625)

The Wireless Repeater receives data from any DavisTalk™-compatible transmitter and re-transmits it to any DavisTalk-compatible receiver. The repeater extends the transmission range and improves reception between the transmitter and the receiver.

Each repeater has a transmitting and receiving range of up to 400′ (120 m) depending upon the terrain. The repeater can listen for up to eight different transmitter signals and can pass those signals on to another repeater or to any number of receivers.