Using a Universal Shelter

Use a weather-resistant Universal Shelter to shelter your Vantage Vue console, wireless or cabled
Vantage Pro2 console, or Envoy for field installations.

Using an Extra Solar Panel Kit

Use an Extra Solar Panel to maximize solar charging for installations where sunlight is limited by using two
solar panels to charge the battery.

Using a Solar Power Kit

Use a Solar Power Kit to power and shelter your wireless Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue console, or
wireless Weather Envoy in remote eld installations.

Using a Heavy Duty Solar Power Kit

Use a Heavy Duty Solar Power Kit to power your cabled Vantage Pro2 console, cabled Envoy 8X, or cabled
Weather Envoy in remote field installations.

Vantage Vue System (with Weather Envoy)

This diagram shows a Vantage Vue sensor suite wirelessly connected to a Weather Envoy™, which is
connected to a computer via a WeatherLink data logger.