CarChip SDK

The CarChip SDK is a development toolkit used by developers to interface with the CarChip device. All the SDK functions are encapsulated in the CarChipSDK.dll and can be accessed through the use of the header files “Structures.h” and “SDK.h” for C developers. The SDK kit acts as a high level tool and makes it much easier for developers to interface with a CarChip device.

Version History

What’s new in version 3.2.5

  1. Added GPS support
  2. Fixed maximum speed calculation when bridging trips
  3. Enhanced GUI example application
  4. Built with VisualStudio 2005, unmanaged
  5. Linked with new CC_DavisHid.lib version that fixes an occasional memory leak

What’s new in version 1.0.6

  1. CarChip.DLL version 1.7
  2. DavisHid.DLL version – USB Driver (Support for communicating with USB/CAN CarChips)
  3. Handles the ReadinessCode introduced with firmware version 2.20
  4. Added GetLastErrorCodeStringLength() function that helps to allocate the correct buffer size needed by the calling routine for further processing
  5. Added GetSDKVersionComment(…) to obtain detailed information about the current version

What’s new in version 1.0.4

  1. CarChip.DLL version
  2. DavisHid.DLL version – USB Driver (Support for communicating with USB CarChip’s)
  3. Changed function names from “EnableAlarm” and “IsAlarmEnabled” to “EnableBeep” and “IsBeepEnabled”
  4. Fixed crash that can occur if a bad/or corrupt time is retrieved on the CarChip
  5. Enhanced Accident log sorting routine. Fixed duplicate accident record problem
  6. Fixed memory crash after download
  7. Enhanced the robustness of the SDK. Properly handles memory corruption problems that can happen in the CarChip
  8. Avoid possible data corruption during download transfers. The DLL will re-download a page in memory if it finds any corruptions within that page
  9. Fixed ClearAccidentLogs() bug

CarChip Software

Version History

What’s new in version 2.3.3

  1. Ford F-Series Diesel trucks are now supported in CarChip firmware version 3.18 and have been added to the anomalous vehicle list.
  2. Software can now handle 1000+ trips without the need for partial saves during data download or data imports
  3. Adjusted fonts to avoid clipped-off text in CarChip main screen.
  4. The CarChip DLL has been updated to be more tolerant of corrupt pages in the CarChip memory.
  5. Fixed a bug that caused the cursor to jump to the beginning of a data list when scrolling through lists greater than 1500 rows.

What’s new in version 2.3.2

  1. Date and Time formats for different unit system are supported in this release and can be accessed form Setup–>Units
  2. Specific protocol exception list is added to Anomalous Vehicles dialog to let user configure the CarChip data logger to meet any unique protocol specifications present on the OBDII port of the vehicle. The Renault EOBD and Intermotive Compatibility are added to existing specific vehicle exception list. New anomalous vehicle types are only available for firmware version 3.12 and up
  3. Fixed the speed band “From” value calculation error when the unit system is set to Metric or SI

What’s new in version 2.3.1

  1. Firmware and Bootware version numbers are reformatted to improve clarity

Required: This software update requires the purchase of any CarChip device and it’s associated software, a PC running Windows 2000/XP/Vista and a serial or USB port to connect to the CarChip.

CarChip Data Transfer Utility (DTU) for CarChip Fleet Pro

The Data Tranfer Utility (DTU) for CarChip Fleet Pro provides a way to upload data from CarChip Fleet Pro to your account on This software must be used with a USB to mini USB cable (sold separately).

Version History

What’s new in v1.1

  1. Logs more detailed information during data transfers for debugging purposes.
  2. Downloads will now complete even if a corrupted record is encountered.