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Anemometer Happy holidays!

See You in 2016!

Look what's looming suddenly on the horizon! It's 2016!

Here at Davis, we are looking forward to 2016 for a lot of reasons, most of them weather-based.

We're excited for snowy days in January and February, when all our Vantage Pro2s out there will keep sending packets of data even as the snow piles up and temps drop waaay into the negatives. (We're with you all the way down to -40C/F.) Boston, we're looking at you...and we may even be looking at Atlanta and Raleigh! And we won't forget Copenhagen and Berlin!

We're looking forward many inches/millimeters of rain so we can make you (and by you, we mean especially West Coasters and Aussies) smile with a Vantage Vue console message that "It's raining cats & dogs!"

We can't wait for high winds. With our wind packets updating every 2.5 seconds, we know you'll love seeing those winds speeds in real-time. (Dublin, hold on to your tams.)

We're looking forward to summer when we can see the temperature/humidity/sun/wind index on our Vantage Pro2 Plus, because we love how that index takes a complex interaction of parameters and gives us one simple, elegant and useful data point. (See you on January first, Christchurch and Buenos Aires!)

We are not looking forward to tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, floods, or droughts, but are comforted to know that whatever 2016 brings us weather-wise, we will be ready to monitor and track your data so that you can make the best decisions to avoid weather losses.

Just what can we expect in 2016? El Niño's name comes up often in thinking about 2016, especially in the US. Much of NOAA's official winter weather outlook is based on what could be the strongest El Niño event in 50 years. This is good news for California and the dry Pacific Northwest. It also means cooler and wetter weather for southern states, and above average temperatures for western and the northern states. We'll probably have more precipitation than average in the south and the East Coast, but it'll be drier than normal in Hawaii, Alaska, the Rockies, the Great Lakes and the Ohio Valley.

So, we say goodbye to 2015, with all its wonderful (and terrible) weather, happy to know that there will always be more where that came from. We'll see you in January 2016, with a full-length e-newsletter!

Gerrit-Jan Leunk posted this wonderfully merry photo of the best holiday decorations in Dokkum City, Netherlands. We love it, and thought you would too!

AnemometerWeather Check Quiz Question 1:

If someone wanted to buy you a nice holiday gift, which of these would make you most likely to love that person above all others?

Vantage Vue
Solar Radiation Sensor and Sensor Mounting Shelf for Vantage Pro2
• Junior Cobbler Kit: Make Your Own Shoes!
Replacement Rain Cone with Bird Spikes for Vantage Pro2
Wireless Weather Envoy
• Gently used men's tube socks
Vantage Pro2 with Standard Radiation Shield
• Extra Vantage Vue console
• Lump of Coal

Rain Collector Heater


Extra Credit: What can you do if none of those items is in the box with your name on it?

(Click here for answers. )

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Question 1: Have you been very good?

Then, of course you got this one right!

Extra Credit: You got our number.

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