Don’t Miss Vantage Pro2 with Nik Wallenda in Chicago!

Note: This is a special edition of the E-News, in advance of our regular issue.

You’ve probably heard about Nik Wallenda’s daring two-part walk in the Windy City. But in case you haven’t heard, five Vantage Pro2s will be reporting live weather data back to the team and to the WeatherLink Network.

Watch this event live Sunday, November 2 at 7 ET (4 PT) or online at
Image courtesy the Discovery Channel.

The first Vantage Pro2 will be set up at Nik’s starting point on top of the Marina Tower West building. Nik will walk more than two city blocks (a second Vantage Pro2 will be hung mid-wire) to the Leo Burnett building, 50 stories above the frigid waters of the Chicago River where the third Vantage Pro2 will be stationed.

This will be Nik’s vantage point from the end of his first walk, where another Vantage Pro2 will be set up.
Watch this event live Sunday, November 2 at 7 ET (4 PT) or online at

Nik will then do something really amazing and walk the highwire again while blindfolded! He’ll start again at the Marina Tower West building and end at Marina Tower East where a fourth Vantage Pro2 will be reporting live weather data. The fifth station will be at ground level.

Nik will walk a highwire blindfolded between the Marina Tower West and
Marina Tower East buildings (the two round buildings).
Watch this event live Sunday, November 2 at 7 ET (4 PT) or online at

Weather-wise, the Wallenda team is most concerned about wind gusts. Nik has trained to prepare for night visibility, the sounds of the city, and the unpredictable wind.The Vantage Pro2s will keep Nik’s team and the viewers apprised of gusts, as well as other weather conditions.

The Davis Team will also work directly with The Weather Channel anchor Jim Cantore to provide real-time weather readings throughout the event. “Much like the Grand Canyon [walk], it is important for us to monitor the changing wind conditions, gusts and updrafts along with the changing wind direction over the Chicago River during Nik’s walk,” said Cantore. “At the Grand Canyon, we monitored updrafts and wind gusts reaching 50 MPH. It is important to understand the dynamics of the changing conditions as Nik makes his historic walks.”

We didn’t want you to miss it – look for our daring weather stations and let us know if you spot them!

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