Vantage Vue Watches Over Historic Chapel in England

Vantage Vue near St. Aldheim's Chapel

This Vantage Vue is mounted near the historic St. Aldheim’s Chapel.

Steve Rogers, of McMurdo Group, a Davis reseller in the United Kingdom, sent us this pretty photo of a Vantage Vue mounted where it can watch over St. Aldheim’s Chapel. The Norman chapel is in Swanage, Dorset, on the cliffs of St. Aldheim’s head, 108 meters above the sea. Exactly when the chapel was built is unknown, but it is known that during the reign of King Henry III (1261 – 1272), the Crown paid a stipend for a chaplain for St. Aldheim’s.

Keep up the good work, Vantage Vue, helping to preserve this piece of history.

St. Aldheim's Chapel

St. Aldheim’s Chapel, built over an even earlier Christian building site, is mysterious for its orientation and lack of windows.

Vantage Pro2 at National Coastwatch station in Dorset

That Vantage Vue is not the only Davis station watching the coast in Dorset.

This was featured in our July 2015 newsletter.