Dec 2020

‘Tis the season to think of spring – if you are a grower

EnviroMonitor Bundles make planning for it easy.

While the rest of us are thinking about peaceful, snow-dusted holidays; making sure the heater is running well and the firewood is dry and stacked; growers are thinking of springtime. No visions of sugar plums and crackling fires for them; to a grower, wintertime is for planning soil preparation, planting, and seedling and bud protection.

Even in the snowy Midwest, where corn and soybean farmers won’t be planting until March or April, those dates feel like just a blink of the eye in the future.

That’s why now is a great time to set up an EnviroMonitor system that will give growers the data they need to make decisions from when to plant to optimize seed germination and how to mitigate frost to avoiding pest risks and how much and when to irrigate.

We designed the EnviroMonitor system to be extremely flexible and customizable to each grower’s crop, field condition, and location, offering them a wide range of choices in sensors and system design. So sometimes they might begin to wonder just where to start.

To make it easier, we’ve set up EnviroMonitor Starter Bundles, with a Gateway and a GroWeather weather station. These two pieces of smart farming technology are the launching points for a customized designed. The GroWeather will send hyperlocal weather data including rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, along with ET and dew point to the Gateway. The Gateway then automatically pushes that data to the WeatherLink Cloud, where it can be accessed 24/7 on and the Mobilize and WeatherLink mobile apps. The only choice to make here is to choose how the data is communicated to the Gateway.

EnviroMonitor Cellular Gateway Starter Bundle (#9985)

The EnviroMonitor Cellular Gateway Starter Bundle includes a Gateway that pushes data to the Cloud via cellular connectivity. It comes bundled with a Cabled GroWeather Sensor Suite. The sensor suite comes with a 100’ cable from sensor suite to Gateway, and a 40’ anemometer cable that lets you site the anemometer separately from the other sensors.



EnviroMonitor IP Gateway Starter Bundle (#9984)

The EnviroMonitor IP Gateway Starter Bundle includes our IP Gateway, which pushes data to the Cloud via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It comes bundled with a Wireless GroWeather Sensor Suite. The data flows via our powerful radio from the sensor suite to the IP Gateway -- up to 1,000 feet away. The IP Gateway is AC-powered and can be mounted inside or outside in a Universal Shelter. With the included 40’ anemometer cable, you can mount the anemometer separate from the other sensors.


Both the Starter Bundles include a 15-minute annual service plan and the hardware activation fee.

Once you’ve got your weather station and Gateway, we make it easy to add on with our sensor bundles. What are you most concerned about? Frost? Irrigation? Pests?  We’ve got you covered.

Each of these bundles includes a Node and sensor(s) that will send data via a mesh network to the Gateway.


EnviroMonitor Frost Forecast Bundle (#9989)

Everything you need to be alerted when frost threatens your crop so you can take steps to avoid damage. Includes an EnviroMonitor Node, a Temperature/Humidity Sensor, and an RJ Connector Node Adapter.



EnviroMonitor Irrigation Bundle with Watermark® Soil Moisture Sensors (#9988)

Everything you need to proactively irrigate your crop while reducing water waste and cost and increasing yield. Includes an EnviroMonitor Node and three Watermark Soil Moisture Sensors.



EnviroMonitor Irrigation Bundle with Sentek Soil Moisture Sensor (#9987)

Everything you need to proactively irrigate your crop while reducing water waste and cost and increasing yield. Includes an EnviroMonitor Node and a Sentek 36” (90 cm) Drill & Drop Probe with removable cable.



EnviroMonitor Pest Prevention Bundle (#9986) 

Everything you need to protect your crop from pest damage. Includes an EnviroMonitor Node, a Temperature/Humidity Sensor in a passive radiation shield, two RJ Connector Node Adapters, and a Leaf Wetness Sensor.


From here, you can grow your EnviroMonitor system along with your crops. You can add sensors from a growing list of Davis and third-party sensors including soil moisture, temperature/humidity, wind, salinity, flow meters, pressure switches and more. Each Node can support four sensors and each Gateway can listen to many Nodes. The Nodes form a self-optimizing mesh network that ensures data is delivered from every corner of every field to your phone, 24/7.

So while the rest of us settle in for a “long winter’s nap,” you growers might just be able to relax a little too, knowing when spring comes, you’ll be ready to face its sudden frosts, its pupating larvae, its deluge of rain (or its lack thereof), and its wildly fluctuating winds with the data you need.

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